Structure and Expertise

Our industry focus

With 20 years’ experience successfully delivering many hundreds of successful mandates across industries in Germany and internationally, we are confident about adding value to your business whatever you are doing, wherever it is.

You should be confident in our confidence.

We have proven time and time again that we can identify and hire the very best leaders across all functions and business areas. The following sector and industry overview is not comprehensive but just an illustration of the scope of the areas we have covered.

Logistics & Transport

  • Aviation & Tourism
  • Vehicles & Fleet
  • Railway & Shipping
  • Distribution & Logistics

Machines & Industry

  • Machines & Systems
  • Engineering & Outsourcing
  • Chemistry & Plastics
  • Metal and electrical suppliers

Agri- & Chemical Business

  • Agri- & Food Technology
  • Crop Protection & Fertilizers
  • Agricultural Machinery & Technology
  • Retail & Production

Pharma & Healthcare

  • Production & QM
  • Pharmaceuticals & Med. Devices
  • Medicine & Diagnostics
  • Clinics & Services

Buildings & Infrastructure

  • Project Development & Real Estate
  • Construction Chemistry & Components
  • Building Technology & Safety
  • Building Services & Waste Disposal

IT & Media

  • Communication & Internet
  • Hardware & Systems
  • Software & Technology
  • IT Services & Management

Our Clients

We are the number one executive search and leadership firm for all types of business, family owned organisations and larger corporates in the manufacturing, service, retail and other industries.

Completed Mandates

We concentrate on filling Board level as well as leadership and senior management positions.

The following summary table illustrates income bands of the assignments we have completed.