For more than 20 years, Höchsmann & Company has internationally supported SMEs and corporates as well as family businesses, hiring for Board and C-level positions.

In the course of our work, the following are recurring topics for our clients:

  • How should a business design the organisational structure of the C-suite with the future in mind?
  • What are the leadership skills required of a business leader to successfully master new challenges and changes over the coming years?

There are many reasons for engaging an executive search firm. The recipe for successful and long-lasting cooperation with both clients and candidates is a combination of trust, mutual respect and attention to all personal interactions — but above all, it is the passion for what we do.

Our aim is to deal with people in a personal manner, providing bespoke and authentic advice, ultimately creating the perfect match between candidates and clients. We connect with people and establish a strong foundation for successful long-term cooperation to future-proof your business.

When looking at an organisation, it is essential to question the goals and strategic objectives constructively and critically, eventually creating a profile requirement for the opportunity. A structured and transparent executive search process includes both external and internal candidates, whom we handhold through the entire process, including and beyond onboarding.

The high level of flexibility and agile approach of our non-hierarchical owner-managed executive search boutique enables bespoke client solutions and tailored support for each and every mandate handled by the respective search consultant.

We very much look forward to talking to you.