Executive Search

We use a combination of our extensive existing network and direct approaches across the whole market to find the most suitable candidate for key leadership positions in Germany and internationally. We carry out a comprehensive and forensic search to make sure that 100% of the market is covered.

Typically, the process that leads to the desired result is comprised of ten steps:

  • 1. Appraisal of the Requirement

    Working closely with our client, we agree the precise background and ideal profile of the leader required, so that we can then formulate a strategy to secure them.

  • 2. ‘Opportunity Brief’ and Process

    We help you create the ‘Opportunity Brief’ (Job Specification) and advise you on the most appropriate selection and interview process, setting it out clearly to guarantee optimum results.

  • 3. Comprehensive market analysis

    We carefully examine the entire market, within and outside our network, identifying every single potential candidate, always thinking creatively and extensively to cover every single option. We are always mindful that the perfect candidate could be that very last one that nobody else would have uncovered.

  • 4. Approaches and pre-selection

    We personally and systematically approach every single potential candidate, taking them through a rigorous interview and selection process.

  • 5. Introduction of candidates to our Client

    Having carefully ruled out the vast majority of the initial target candidates, we present you only with a very few chosen candidates who are the very best in the market, summarising the reasons for our choices.

  • 6. Final choices of Candidate

    We hand hold you throughout your own interview process, debriefing you at every single stage with every candidate, helping you to make the final selection of the very best candidate from the whole market.

  • 7. Referencing and decision making

    We help you with your decision making and provide you with  as much background information and evidence to support your decision as possible, including the meticulous taking of verbal references.

  • 8. Support in negotiation

    We advise and support both you and the candidate in the negotiation of the financial package to ensure that you reach a happy conclusion and secure them at the right level of compensation.

  • 9. Onboarding

    We help you and the candidate negotiate the optimum start date and their notice period with their current employer so the onboarding process is as smooth as possible.

  • 10. Ongoing Support with integrating and retention

    We stay in contact with both you and your new leader, advising you if required how to integrate them successfully and smoothly. We truly care about making sure expectations are met on both sides so that that your new hire adds real value to your organisation in a sustained and impactful way.

Industry Accredited

Höchsmann and Company is proud to be a member of the only global association for standards and ethics in the executive search industry, the AESC.

Part of a Global Network of Executive Search Firms

Höchsmann & Company can rely on their long-established and extensive partnerships with selected executive search consultancies all over the world. We can both deliver locally and internationally wherever you are in the world.