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Getting in contact with Höchsmann & Company: use the exclusive career platform NAL (NotActivelyLooking)

We value your interest in staying in touch with us and offer a unique and secure platform for senior executives and top specialists, which is, our trusted affiliate. If you would like to submit your resume electronically to be considered for current or future assignments and opportunities Click here.

This platform enables you as a senior executive/specialist to keep us informed about your career path when you are not currently looking to change jobs. It also allows you to proactively get in touch with us if you are actively considering a potential career move.

As a retained executive search firm we work exclusively for companies that engage our services to assist them in building leadership teams. You decide which executive search firms should have access to selected information about your career history, career aspirations and personal information. You can manage and update your profile yourself.

One of our representatives will be in contact with you if there is a clear match between your profile and our clients’ leadership requirements